Green Slaugther

Published January 4, 2022
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An hacker spotted a big conspiracy, but he is alone, so he can't do anything to save the world. He can't call neither the police nor the army, he needs an outsider. Somebody who knows how to fight and has nothing to lose. Prepare your weapons and Kill dozens and dozens of monsters! You’re the last hope to save the world from the reptilians! Take your gun and kill all those bad reptilians! GAME feauters In this classic arcade side-scrolling shooter there are no saves nor checkpoint. When you end your lives is Game Over, so be careful!


*arrows" to Move / Jump / Crouch *x* shoot *c* Use axe GAMEPAD: *Left/right D-pad* Move *Button A* Jump / Skip FMV *Down D-pad* crouch *Right Trigger* shoot *Right Bumper* Use the Tomhawk