Free Rally: Lost Angeles

Published January 4, 2022
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Free Rally: Lost Angeles is a extension of the Free Rally multiplayer series. This time You have play in a huge industrial city simillar LA. You can control your car as a driver and get into someone's car as a passenger. There are also places on the map where you can call a helicopter, as well as some garages to repair cars. There is radio in cars. Bike is availabel.


*P* = show-hide car selector *WASD*, *arrows* = drive car and helicopter, and to move while on foot and bike *space* = handbrake on the car and jump on 3d person and bike *e* = exit-enter from the vehicles *f* = get in-get out in the car like as a passenger *q* = pause-play radio *k* = kick passenger *g* = get the car up *v* = seek rocket on the military cars and helicopter *i* = start-stop the engine on the car and helicopter *c* = change the camera view *enter* = type in chat *escape* = return to the menu *2* = add speed on the bike *r* = restart bike and signal on the car *x* = brake on the bike *z* = reverse speed on the bike *b* = jump on the bike